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• 14h

Order of the books

Im going to read the books soon but i dont know in what order should you read them. So could you guys tell me in what order to read them. And could you tell me how many books are there im not sure if there are 9 or 7 books.
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• 2d

What to do next?

Finished the main story, hearts of stone and blood and wine... what do I do now? Yen is at Corvo Bianco and I have some minor missions left over. Are there any hidden missions that come about over time or do I New Game+ on Death March now ? 🤔
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• 3d

Stamina System When Running

Why does The Witcher 3 have a Stamina Bar when running if it refills almost instantly? It somewhat confuses me. I get it for Combat, but why when running and why instantly?
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• 5d

Useful mods

I see alot of mods for witcher 3 but mostly they are just a cheats. Is there any mods that useful and add something to the game like make it more immersive or efficient

For example, Is there any mod that make the fast travel signpost appears on the minimap or just shows which way the closest signpost, because I hate to open map every fucking time I need signpost being it just few feet away from the fucking minimap
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• 11/14/2018
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• 11/12/2018

Witcher 2 toolset

How would you guys like it if Witcher 2 had a toolset similar to Neverwinter Nights?
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• 11/12/2018
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• 11/11/2018


So after finishing the witcher 3 for the second time I have a question. Is there Any way to save crach or he has to die?
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• 11/10/2018

Who would win?

Who would win in these scenerios?

Geralt of Rivia VS Ludwig the Accursed/Holy blade (bloodborne)

Aragorn and Gimli (LOTR) VS Geralt and Zoltan
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• 11/10/2018


Just finished Hearts of Stone. I feel like 'Dead Mans Party' is one of the best quests written in the game. I'm just curious as to what everyone else's favourite quest is.
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• 11/7/2018

New game?

Do you think that CDPR is going to make Any new witcher game?
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• 11/7/2018

Xp on witcher 3

Anyone know any good xp farming? Quest give little bit.
Monster nest of the list.
Leveling on this game is pain. What did they think.
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• 11/7/2018


Can i save vesimir from the wild Hunt (please dont spoil)
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• 11/6/2018
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• 11/5/2018

Preaching to the Choir

I realize too much of a good thing is real and it’s better to end something appropriately rather than wait until it gets stale but it’s honestly heartbreaking to know that we won’t be stepping into the boots of Gerald again...
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• 11/5/2018

tell me,

dont you think a multiplayer witcher game would be cool? and if they were to make one, would you want competitve aspects in it? personally, i'd say no the hell it shouldnt, because it wouldnt make sense. but if they did, would you, for some reason, want those aspects? also, seriously, a multiplayer witcher gane? wouldnt you want that(without competitiveness)?
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• 11/4/2018


The scar Geralt has on the right side of his chest is strangely shaped like his medallion but I'm not sure anyone know how he got this scar or any of his other scars?
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• 11/4/2018


What is best set in the game?
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• 11/3/2018

Unlimited Free food (bug?)

Yea so I'm doing the ladies of the wood quest, I'll try not to spoil anything but the location here. I'm in Downwarren, right next to the sign post. Doesn't matter how many sheep I light on fire more keep spawning. Got about 40 raw meat now and... Well it's nice is all.
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• 11/1/2018

Witcher 3, my first game

Ive got a question,
What out of all the stuff i loot, should i better dismantle and/or sell?

Any other advice?
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