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All contracts

I'm fighting for the platinum (and I hope that by 2020 I will be done) and I was wondering ar some contracts cancelled after you beat the game so that I could know if I must make a new save.
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Best swordsman in the world

In the lore of the books and the games is there anyone known to be a better swordsman than Geralt?
On a side note if any admins read this post your categorizing system is pretty bad
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Witcher 3 Most Favourable Ending

I'm just wondering what ending you guys like the best for the witcher 3. Personally my favorite ending that fits the most in the witcher franchise is the '' Bitter sweet ending'' where Ciri becomes an Empress. It just fits the most for the ending of the witcher franchise. It succeeds in almost making you cry because its so sad. I know of course most probably didn't cry including me but you have to admit that its bitter and sad. Ciri feels unease and sadness while she and Geralt are walking in White Orchard while Geralt tries his best to make the most and best out of their walk. She even hops on his back and they play in the snow. You think that they finally got their good ending that they deserved. Yennefer, Dandelion and Zoltan are playing cards at the inn and are happy together. And then all this falls apart by the Nilfgaardians coming for Ciri. And the moment when they hug each other and say goodbye is so powerful. So i think that fits the franchise the most. You just feel so much emotion, especially when you read the books ( which i'm read for now, currently on the Tower of the swallow book) And then Geralt's and Ciri's memories from the books and the games just keep coming at that moment ( i won't spoil for newcomers the books ) How they met, how they spend their time in Kaer morhen and in Ellander, and so many other memories, even of Ciri and Geralt being alone or with others. Its just so sad. And she accepts the proposition from Emhyr being the Empress of Nilfgaard for the greater good of the people. But again on my sixth or seventh playthrough i will choose the witcher ending because its what Ciri wanted and always wanted to be. She will be free and roam happily, maybe Geralt and she will do some contracts together from time to time. And even though Ciri would probably be the best and the most good ruler ever i still prefer the witcher ending because she and Geralt deserved, you'll see after you read the books. All they went through, they deserve some rest and happiness doing what they desire. And even though the empire and its people would be better and have better lives with Ciri and Emhyr. There wouldn't be much difference in their lives because Emhyr isn't that bad. But if she was an empress they would be the rulers of the greatest empire ever. Ciri would show mercy and amnesty and want good for her people, learning this from Geralt and Yennefer teaching her manners, intellect and goodness too. And getting a politic mind from Emhyr while still having traits from Geralt and Yennefer, which few rulers have. They would support Ciri. And Emhyr and Ciri would make a great duo for rulers then. And she learns from Geralt, even though a witcher, ( and Yennefer ) not to spill unnecessary blood. Which is rare, having a witcher who is loyal and a good person overall. But as i said, i choose the witcher ending for Ciri. And my thoughts on the worst ending. I think that it doesn't fit too well into the witcher franchise as the bitter sweet one. Even though the witcher world is a grim and dark place, its not that cruel. And Geralt and Ciri don't deserve that ending. So, share your thoughts on this. What is your favorite ending and why?

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The books and the games, do you think they align perfectly?

Do you belive there are too many differences in the games, or do you think the games do the books justice. Personally I think the games nailed it(with two minor exceptions).

Yes or no?
  • Yes, the games respect the lore well.
  • No, the games do a poor job at continuing the story.
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• 2/15/2019


Can I whirl with any weapon or only with swords?
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• 2/15/2019

Witcher 3

Can you finish side quests and Witcher contracts after beating the game?
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• 2/15/2019

Fast attack build

What is a good one level 26
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• 2/14/2019

King of novigrad

Hey i am playing through my first time and i was wondering should i do the quest deadly plot where we plot to kill the king of novigrad
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• 2/12/2019

Cerys, Hjalmar or Svanrige?

Who did you pick and why? First time playing I picked Cerys (she seems the best) but looking back, Svanrige doesn’t seem like a bad option at all. Hjalmar is just reckless and doesn’t seem to care much for Skellige other than raiding Nilfgaard. Your opinions ?
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• 2/8/2019

Brothers in Arms Novigrad

I failed saving Ves in an “Eye for an Eye” quest, now I cannot find Vernon Roche for “Brothers in Arms Novigrad.” Do I just forgo Roche and move on ?
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• 2/8/2019


Yennefer: The Scent of lilac and gooseberries

Philippa: The Scent of perfume and wet feathers
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• 2/7/2019


So I swam out to a sunken treasure and found a sword called Aerondight. Is this supposed to be a random loot object? I thought there was a DLC mission and achievement for it?
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• 2/7/2019

First Time Playing The Witcher

Hey everyone, so I've never played this but always heard about it so I finally got round to getting it.

Is there anything things I should be aware of or know about, I know what to expect to some extent, what other game is the combat similar to?

And you know you have the powers, spells, I'm on xbox 360 and button to bring that menu up you have to hold and then select and confirm on the same side of the control, it just feels a bit awkward, is there a way to change controls or does nobody have any problems and it's just me? 😂

And is there any 'bad habits' in the game, because I'm green would be nice to not do things wrong and getting used to it, like you should only do this that way or that this way and never do this ect.
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• 2/7/2019

Witcher 1

I really want to play the witcher 1 enhanced edition on disc. Do you guys know what I should play it on?
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• 2/5/2019
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• 2/4/2019

THE WITCHER 3 : Is blood and wine DLC compatible to 1.10 ver.?

Been playing witcher for a while , finished the based game and heart of stone DLC . With my game version of 1.10, can i update it to blood and wine dlc without patching the versions after 1.10? Or do i need to update it before installing blood and wine?
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• 2/2/2019


This may be a stupid question but regardless I must ask. I just spent hours and hours grinding my ass off to get mastercrafted Witcher gear and then an hour later I get stuff that drops higher. So is that it? Do you really grind for weapons and armour that are outpaced by the next stuff you find anyways? Or is there some way of upgrading the mastercrafted gear to keep it relevant?
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• 2/1/2019

Tips On Playing Gwent?

I have over 40 hours of gaming in Wild Hunt now, yet I still haven’t played much rounds of Gwent cards with the npcs. The game seems to be focusing on the largest sum. I just kept losing.

I already passed Battles Of Kaer Morhen. It’s hard start now. Any playing tactics? Good place to start? Please share.
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• 1/31/2019
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