Στατιστικών του χαρακτήρα are the most important way to gauge the overall health of our hero. Whether Geralt lives or dies is governed by his Ζωτικότητα, but Αντοχή and Τοξικότητα play their parts.

Ζωτικότητα Vitality bar

Tutorial vitality

Ζωτικότητα (sometimes referred to as "hit points"), indicated by the red bar, drops as damage is incurred. If the red bar reaches zero, Geralt dies. A grey screen and (very) audible heart beats warn you of dangerously low vitality.

Vitality is restored over time, very slowly though. Recover more quickly by meditating or drinking potions.

Αντοχή Endurance bar

Tutorial endurance

Geralt's Αντοχή, indicated by the yellow bar, drops each time he uses a sign. He can not cast signs when his endurance is too low. In fistfights, blocking also siphons Geralt's endurance; reaching zero, Geralt can not block.

Endurance is restored over time. Use potions to help with its regeneration.

Τοξικότητα Toxicity bar

Tutorial toxicity

Τοξικότητα, indicated by the green bar, increases with each potion consumed. Excessive toxicity adversely affects Geralt's abilities and may even lead to his demise. When toxicity is reaching a dangerous level, "red sparkles" (blood) begin to appear in the field of view, like Geralt is beginning to hallucinate. This is generally a very good indication that it is time to detox.

Toxicity is reduced over time, very gradually though.