Game icon map big This page simply provides links to the various maps in the game in an organized manner for ease of searching. To access a map of your current location in the game, left-click on the map icon or press the m-key.
General Information
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Tutorial map

Maps come in very handy in the course of the game, especially when it comes to figuring out where you are at any given point vis-à-vis where you want to go. Locations of interest, once they have been found or described, appear on the various maps as markers. There are several markers, below is a quick reference chart of the various markers used in the game:

Marker player First and foremost, the player marker, you, or Geralt if you prefer. Also indicating the direction Geralt is facing.
Marker campfire Campfire marker, as you find campfires and fireplaces, these markers are added to your map.
Marker Circle of Elements Circle of Elements marker, similarly elemental circles are marked as they are found.
Marker location τοποθεσία marker, these appear when some on-screen messages announce a new named area. Not all areas appear as dots, some merely appear as labels when moused over.
Marker NPC NPC marker, light green markers indicate characters like shopkeepers and swordsmiths. Not all NPCs get their own marker, and some get no marker at all.
Marker Place of Power Place of Power marker, these blue markers are revealed as you find the magical areas.
Marker quest Αποστολή marker, these red markers indicate the next τοποθεσία (or τοποθεσίες) to explore. They disappear when the Αποστολή, or phase is complete. They are not necessarily triggered by Αποστολή tracking.
Marker quest NPC Quest NPC marker, these little white markers indicate characters of more importance than regular NPCs in the current Αποστολή. One example is Berengar in the crypt, he gets this marker. They disappear when the Αποστολή is complete, usually.


Map compass

Icon Prologue Πρόλογος (Kaer Morhen)

Kaer Morhen

Icon Act I Κεφάλαιο I (Outskirts)

Icon Act II Κεφάλαιο II (Temple Quarter)

Icon Act III Κεφάλαιο III (Trade Quarter)

Icon Act IV Κεφάλαιο IV (Lakeside)

Icon Act V Κεφάλαιο V (Old Vizima)

Icon Epilogue Επίλογος

Η Τιμή της Ανεξαρτησίας


  • This module uses the same maps as the main game, but only the Temple Quarter, Cemetery and (parts of) the Sewers are included.
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