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Este artículo concierne a un personaje que aparece sólo en The Witcher. Por lo tanto, su contenido podría contradecir información de los libros de Andrzej Sapkowski y otras adaptaciones.

El ermitaño, a druid, lives alone in his hut in the campos near the village of Aguas Trubias, feeding his chickens and geese and tending to the barrows of the knights who died in the service of the Dama del Lago. In fact, he is the only (living) human resident of the fields.

He's a learned man, for he spent most of his life as a diplomat for king Foltest, before he found his calling in the form of the Lady of the Lake. He is an expert in legends about the Holy Grail. He's also a Professional jugador and does a little trading on the side. He buys and sells:

He has work for a brujo in the form of the quest Detrás de la cacería salvaje.

In the Epilogue, Geralt meets the Hermit one last time at the casa segura in the Barrio del Templo de Wyzima. It seems that he has decided to go back to his old diplomatic role and would like an audience with el rey.

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