Fisstech is a drug similar in appearance and effect to amphetamine or. It is a powder which is typically snorted or rubbed on the gums, but as with opiates and other narcotics in our society, it can also be used in medicine as an anaesthetic.

The Rats used fisstech. Léo Bonhart also drugged Ciri with it when he forced her to fight in the arena.

Dans The Witcher

Potion Fisstech

"Le fisstech est une drogue très prisée par la jeunesse dorée et les membres de la pègre de Temeria."

Aucun effet bénéfique. Ce narcotique entraîne au contraire des étourdissements et des pertes de conscience.

The Salamandra control the production and the trading of this drug in Vizima. It is usually consumed through the nose which leads to cold like symptoms, mostly sneezing. Another way of consuming the drug revealed in the game is to rub it under the foreskin: Geralt describes this to Jethro as the most effective way: "...where you can fold back your skin, Jethro."

Préparation Base Durée Toxicité
Substances Small Quebrith Substances Small Hydragenum Substances Small Hydragenum Substances Small Hydragenum Substances Small Vermilion

Cette drogue est obtenue en mélangeant des ingrédients contenant une mesure de vermillon, une mesure de quebrith et trois mesures d’hydragenum. Un alcool fort d’excellente qualité doit être utilisé comme base.

excellente qualité 8 heures aucune


Journal Glossary Fisstech

Le fisstech est une drogue illégale, mais largement consommée dans Temeria. Elle est utilisée sous forme de poudre blanche qui entraîne une très forte addiction. La drogue ne peut être fabriquée que par des professionnels avec un matériel d'alchimie très complexe, voir : alchimie. Cette drogue s'est développée à cause du trafic organisé par la Salamandre qui en fait sa principale ressource.


 Achat Vente
100 Items Oren  20 Items Oren 


There is no printed recipe in the game for fisstech, the sources below are for the substance only. Of course, consuming fisstech will result in a journal entry, complete with recipe.


  • Fisstech has few beneficial effects; on the contrary, the narcotic causes its user to feel stunned and lose consciousness, but as an anaesthetic, this behaviour is desirable. Shani has used it that way.
  • Further information about this drug can be gleaned during the Anatomy of a Crime quest.
  • The elves refer to this drug as "White Death".
  • Not everyone thinks fisstech is bad. The Vodyanoi accept it as a tribute. Fisstech can be purchased from Coleman. Additionally, the Order armorer and the Murky Waters blacksmith both buy and sell it.
  • If you "experiment" and create fisstech without first having the recipe, it seems to be the one potion that does not require consumption to add the journal entry.
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