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pierre d'Igni

icône d'Igni, désactivé icône d'Igni, actif effet d'Igni

Le Signe d'Igni est un simple signe magique utilisé par les sorceleurs. It is comprised of a pyrokinetic burst that can repel and ignite opponents, as well as start fires.

Dans The Witcher

Igni tutuorial journal image

Le Signe d’Igni – à la base, c’est un Signe efficace contre les adversaires sensibles au feu. Il peut aussi servir à allumer un feu de camp si vous n’avez pas de silex. Lorsqu’il est amplifié, ce Signe peut incinérer les ennemis.


  • To use the Igni sign, right-click on the desired target.
  • Endurance is used whenever the sign is cast, if the overall level is too low, Geralt will not be able to cast the sign.

Later on, visiting the Cercles des Éléments attributed to Igni grants Geralt the Bénédiction du feu.

Cercles des Éléments

Cercles des Éléments du signe d'Igni :

Dans « Le prix de la neutralité »

Il n'y a que deux cercles des éléments dans « Le prix de la neutralité » et seulement un des deux est pour le signed'Igni. Il n'a pas de nom en particuler.


  • Ah, Igni. This is arguably your greatest tool of mass destruction, and when upgraded, it gets so powerful that using it almost feels like cheating. There is a grand total of one enemy type in the whole game that is immune to Igni. Everyone else burns just fine.
  • Unlike Aard, Igni starts out rather mediocre. It consumes a good amount of Endurance, but without upgrades, the damage it inflicts is downright pathetic. Once you buy into it, however, it quickly becomes Geralt's most devastating attack. It pushes enemies back; it sets them on fire for a nice Damage over Time effect; and it even has a built-in crowd control mechanism that sometimes makes humanoids stop, scream and try to beat out the flames. This is different from the Pain effect, but it does stop your enemies from trying to bash your skull in, if only briefly.
  • Igni is probably derived from the Latin word ignis, fire.

Dans The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings


Le signe d'Igni blesse les ennemis et les embrase.

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