A Tó Úrnője

A Tó Úrnője is worshipped by both the inhabitants of Homályvíz and the Vodián with whom they grudgingly co-exist. She spends her time in a shallow, lily-pad filled covered inlet on Szirtes Sziget and can be consulted there on various matters relating to Destiny, her servants, quests for the Holy Grail and the relations between the locals.

Even goddesses get lonely. It's tough being the object of adulation and reverence. While most locals will tell you that they love the Lady, they would never dream of actual physical contact with her. In this regard, Geralt has no such qualms and can generously provide companionship of the more mundane kind.

In order to get the sex card, Geralt must first tell the Lady of the Lake that he wishes to embark on "a miss--". She'll get her hackles up and stop him right there (having only just told him that she takes a dim view of grail quests), but then the witcher says he was only kidding and they continue their conversation.

She gets around to the fact that it's lonely being a goddess and while she's fully aware that her subjects may lust for her, they would never dare act on those feelings. She tells the witcher that he should compliment her, so he does, in a fairly lame manner, which she is quick to point out. Finally he gets an inspiration and decides to compliment her ass, saying it puts others to shame. This amuses her greatly and they finally get to know each other better.

If he persists with the quest "of paramount importance" conversation, and it does initially sound noble, the Lady knights him "Sir Bonehead" and dismisses him from her sight, none too fondly. Geralt can then still speak with her, he can even backtrack on the grail quest, but no sex. And she tells him so, saying "you know not how much you have lost". So don't blow it!

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A tó közepén lévő szigeten találkoztam ezzel a természetfeletti lénnyel, akit a Tó Úrnőjeként ismernek. Valószínűleg egy nimfa. A környéken lévő települések lakói és a vízalatti lények is egyformán tisztelik őt.

Az Úrnő bajnokává nevezett ki és adott egy ezüstkardot. Így csatlakoztam az őt évszázadok óta szolgáló nemes lovagok sorához.
 Az Úrnő jóslata szerint a tőle kapott kard fontos szerepet fog játszani küldetésem teljesítése során.

Elhagytam Homályvizet, és visszatértem Vizima városába. Úgy érzem, hogy csak a Tó Úrnőjének birodalmában éreztem békében magam. Milyen kár.

Her servants[szerkesztés | forrásszöveg szerkesztése]

These are her more active servants, not mere worshippers, are the Halászkirály and the Remete, though their specific duties are never revealed.

A Halászkirály Remete

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