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A Vadászat Királyi Nagymestere can be found throughout the game. In particular, Geralt first meets him in the Outskirts, then again in the Trade Quarter and finally in a refugee cave in the swamp cemetery. The huntsman is the best source of information about particularly well-paying hunting quests, or Trófea küldetések. He pays for trophies brought back as proof of the conquests.

During their first meeting, the huntsman also imparts a little "inside information" to Geralt. Specifically, he mentions the going rate for Fojtólidérc agy, which it turns out is far from what our witcher has apparently been earning.

Where to find him Szerkesztés

People Huntsman full

During Első Fejezet, he is located at his tábor, east of the Mezőgazdasági település on the way to the crossroads near the fogadó in the Külváros.

During Második Fejezet, the huntsman is presumably still in the Külváros, so Vincent Meis, városi őrség kapitánya fulfills this function.

During Harmadik Fejezet, he's sitting at the table in the Kereskedő Negyed, next to the gate to the Vizimai temető, which is down the street from the Őrtorony, overlooking the square outside Új Narakort.

During Negyedik Fejezet, the huntsman is presumably still in the Kereskedő Negyed, so Tobias Hoffman, the Homályvíz village chief, fulfills this function.

During Ötödik Fejezet, he can be found just inside the Druidák barlang in the mocsár temető.

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