In A Witcher, ezüst kard are used primarily against szörnyek as they reportedly have little effect on emberek és nem-embereknek. Unlike the steel, meteorit and rune swords in the game, these cannot be bought or sold.

Witcher ezüst kardja Szerkesztés

Given to Geralt at the beginning of Act II to fight Szörnyeteg a csatornából. A silver sword is one of the two main tools of the witcher. It is a delicate blade only used against creatures who are vulnerable to silver, such as the undead and most types of monsters. It is light enough to be wielded in only one hand, leaving the other hand free for another weapon or for the casting of Signs.

The witcher's silver blade actually has a steel core which is plated with a thick layer of silver which is lethal to magical beasts. This weapon was made specifically for slaying monsters born of magic, those which cannot be hurt with common steel weapons.

Weapons Witchers silver sword

No extra Sebzés

  • Attack is governed by attack style
  • Defense is governed by defense skills
  • Sebzés is governed by currently applied enhancements

Looks like a Claymore.

Aerondight Szerkesztés

Given to Geralt by the A Tó Úrnojének if you choose to follow her path to resolving the conflict between the humans and the Vodián (given after killing Dagon).

Weapons Aerondight small

Sebzés + 60%
Attack + 10%

Kinézetre megegyezik a sima Witcher ezüstkarddal.

Holdpenge Szerkesztés

A Vadászat Királyi Nagymestere adja Geraltnak ha mind a 10 szörny trófeáját begyűjti.

Weapons Moonblade

Sebzés + 100%

  • described as "splendid"

Looks like a curved elven blade.

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