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Feainnewedd – Virág, mely az ősi vér által megjelölt helyeken nő.

Díj Szerkesztés

 Vásárol  Elad 
50 Items Oren  10 Items Oren 

Forrás Szerkesztés

Érdekességek Szerkesztés

  • Bodza druida a Druidák ligete
  • It's actually abundant in the mocsár, especially in the northeast.
  • A haughty Scoia'tael dressed as a vadásznő asks Geralt if he knows about it, a golden opportunity for Geralt to give her a dressing down for her bigotry ... or not. He can also ask her about it, not that she'll tell him, but she does give him Lara Ajándéka. If Geralt talks to her again, he can choose to give her flower, and gets a response that seems to be a dropped plot/translation bug. She will mention "burmarigold", which does not exist in the game and does not result in any journal entries. Strangely, after resting for an hour, the same conversation can be repeated, and if Geralt chooses the same responses (give her flower, etc), she will tell you about "Zöld penész", which also doesn't seem to result in journal entries.
  • Upon accepting the quest A múlt visszhangjai from Yaevinn in the Druidák ligete during Harmadik Fejezet, he'll tell you a story about Lara Dorren and mention Feainnewedd now grows where she "breathed her last." This conversation does not unlock Feainnewedd in the journal.