Notice Board tutorial

Hirdető táblákon are a very useful sources of information to a witcher looking for work. Geralt will find a number of these notice boards as he travels through Vizima and its environs. Typically, witcher megbízók are found in this manner in a játék.

However, this is not the only information found on notice boards. Sometimes other, "one-time" notices appear. For example, in Act II, after all the contracts have been removed from the notice board outside the Hairy Bear, clicking on the board on Merchant Street reveals the following notice:

Actively seeking capable, open-minded swordsman. Inquiries: Kalkstein, Master of Alchemy

Mechanics Szerkesztés

Notice board
  • Left-click on the notice board and drag any available notices to your Inventory
  • Right-click on a notice to read it and unlock a new quest

Tip: For boards with multiple notices, double-left-click on each notice to add it to your inventory without closing the notice board. This way you can read them as you acquire them.

Helyek Szerkesztés

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