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In A Witcher, the player character, Geralt, advances or develops as accumulated experience points earn him talents which can be allocated to various attributes. There are four main attributes: Erő, Kézügyesség, Kitartás és Intelligencia. These four in turn allow advancement of skills like signs and the mastery of steel and silver swords. The game interface displays this information in the form of a tree.

As you go through the game, you'll earn "talents" of the bronze, silver or gold variety along with your experience points. Use these to upgrade specific character features to enhance Geralt's abilities to fight monsters and bad guys. These abilities include:

Jellemzők Jelek Acélkard Ezüstkard
Erő (fa)
Kézügyesség (fa)
Kitartás (fa)
Intelligencia (fa)
Aard (fa)
Igni (fa)
Quen (fa)
Axii (fa)
Yrden (fa)
Acél erős (fa)
Acél gyors (fa)
Acél csoport (fa)
Ezüst erős (fa)
Ezüst gyors (fa)
Ezüst csoport (fa)


Karakterfejlődés fatábla
  • Select the category of feature you would like to enhance from the list on the left side of the Hős screen, then choose from among the highlighted enhancements in the ability tree on the right side of the panel.
  • To commit your choices, left-click on the hourglass. As long as you do not meditate, you can still change your mind about the allocation of talents. To cancel and start over, left-click on the erase icon, or right click on an allocated (but uncommitted) talent to free it up.