Painting Grandmaster and baby

A Nagymester, campaigning

A Nagymester is the supreme leader of the A Lángoló Rózsa Rendje. His authority is almost ultimate; however, his superior is the head of the country where there are bastions of the Order. In Temeria, that is Foltest.

In a játék a Nagymester is Jacques de Aldersberg. He does not like King Foltest and plans to overthrow him. If Geralt takes the Order path, he joins Deneslei Siegfried and the knights loyal to the King and fights a Nagymester. After defeating Aldersberg, Siegfried is made the new Nagymester by Foltest.

Known Grand Masters Szerkesztés

A Nagymester is quite possibly Alvin, after he disappears from Homályvíz, he travels back through time. When he comes back, this is the man he has become. see Speculation about Alvin

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