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My name is Paweł Dembowski, born on 23 April 1983, Poland. I work as a freelance translator and study at the Wrocław University of Economics.

I'm a sysop at Polish and English Wikipedia, as well as the founder of The Vault - a Fallout wiki, The Age of Decadence Wiki and this wiki.

I am a longtime fan of Sapkowski's Witcher books and I haven't had a chance to play the game yet - I'd have to buy a new computer first.

Contact info[]

You can contact me through:

  • my talk page here
  • e-mail
  • MSN: ausir@master.pl
  • ICQ: 41090834
  • GG: 2730728
  • AIM: paweldembowski
  • Yahoo: ausir1
  • Jabber: ausir@jabber.org