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Adela is one of the members della compagnia libera dei redaniani, aka The Wild Ones. She takes particular pleasure in calling Geralt "Guardone".

After his first meeting with Olgierd von Everec, Adela approaches Geralt outside the Tenuta Garin. She is distraught that her friend and associate in the fisstech trade, Kluivert, has disappeared. Adela tells Geralt that she believes Kluivert was killed, as he was always reliable and would not be absent for a planned fisstech trade unless something had happened to him. She thus tasks Geralt with finding and killing whoever may be responsible for Kluivert's supposed death.

If Geralt decides to follow up on Adela's request, at the end of his task he may find Adela on the ground floor of the Alchemy in Oxenfurt to receive his reward.

Missioni associate[]

  • Una rosa in un campo rosso