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Bottega del Fabbro Nanico

La bottega del fabbro nanico in Piccola Mahakam, il distretto dei non-umani nel Quartiere del Tempio di Vizima, is run by Malcolm Stein, il fabbro e sua apprendista, il commerciante. They will serve only people who come recommended, and will not have their armi be used against non-umani.

This is one of the only places you can get a parafulmine made. The Fabbro dell'Ordine wouldn't know one if he tripped over it and was subsequently struck by lightning. You can also buy and sell goods here:

This should not be confused with the la casa del fabbro nanico located just east of here. Despite the fact that the mouse-over text on the door does say "house" not "shop", narratively, it is the shop.

Missioni associate[]

Staff un cazz[]

Malcolm Stein, proprietario e fabbro il commerciante, apprendista di Malcolm