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This journal is found along with some Fiorini and three witcher gear diagrams: Schema: Pantaloni dell'orso da gran maestro, Schema: Spada d'acciaio dell'orso da gran maestro and Schema: Stivali dell'orso da gran maestro.

Missioni associate[]

  • Caccia al tesoro: equipaggiamento dell'Orso da gran maestro, points to next part of the ursine gear.

Dal diario[]

Dammit, should never have taken this contract. Still not sure what sort of monster I’m up against. Worried I won’t be able to prepare properly.
Stupid of me to bet the coin I set aside for armor. Elves just love squeezing folk of their last copper, and those skinflints at Tufo aren’t any better. But no point feeling sorry for myself. And no point going back until I got a full set of gear.
Well, as long as you’re sinking, might as well walk on the bottom.
I’ll find a way, dammit.