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This witcher's journal is found along with diagrams for Guanti del gatto da gran maestro, a steel sword and a spada d'argento.

Missioni associate[]

  • Caccia al tesoro: equipaggiamento del Gatto da gran maestro

Dal diario[]

Burned all my bridges. No returns’ possible – not after I committed murder and took those grandmaster diagrams. Probably already on my tail. Hope to finish the deal quick and start a new life in the south.
My time as a witcher is over.
Can’t trust de Launay, especially since he insisted we meet in a bandits’ den. Hid the diagrams in a cave which no ordinary man will be able to enter. If everything goes smooth, I’ll collect my coin, tell him the cache is in Cave di Bruma – then offer to escort him there for an additional fee.
If it doesn’t go smooth and someone finds these notes, know this. It was worth. Worth killing my own, worth stealing, worth anything to escape from a miserable life on the Path.