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Le Grotte di Tulasens are a far-reaching cave system that can be accessed via a bandit camp near a small river in the Blood and Wine expansion. These caves can also be accessed by a metal gate, that initially is locked though.

The caves also hide a Hanse base controlled by Loth Mezzosangue, until Geralt liberates them. Only then will an armaiolo appear.

Missione associata[]


In Loth's caged-off quarters:

  • On Loth's body: Diario di Loth, Chiave arrugginita
  • Paraocchi di Caed Myrkvid
  • Schema: Lama di Viroledo
  • Schema: Stivali dell'ufficiale della guardia ducale di Toussaint
  • Schema: Pantaloni della guardia con i colori di Toussaint