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Dal diario[]

Presented below is a set of rules for dueling which every self-respecting gentleman should follow. Although their nature is that of an honorable agreement, failure to respect them shall bring infamy and shame to the name of the dueler and exclude him from all respectable social circles. This code applies throughout the whole of the duchy of Toussaint.
Course of the duel:
1. The Parties present their Seconds. Each of the Parties is entitled to one Second.
2. The Parties decide whether the duel ends when first blood has been drawn or when one of the Parties surrenders
(let it be remembered that in Toussaint, by order of Her Enlightened Highness, duels fought till last blood are punished by immediate imprisonment).
3. The Challenged Party selects the weapons for the duel. The Challenger is obliged to accept the choice of the Challenged Party.
4. The Parties duel according to the rules agreed upon. The Seconds ensure proper course of the duel.
5. When the duel is over, the Seconds announce the winner and the loser.
NOTE: It is strictly forbidden to put forth any claims (blood revenge included) based upon defeat in the duel. The duel is commonly regarded as an instance putting a definite end to the dispute.


A code duello is a set of rules for a one-on-one combat, or duel.