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This letter can be found in the skeletal remains of a merchant (presumably Cosmo himself) near the Guado di Pittapatte, during La guerra del vino: Coronata, together with a Chiave di un forziere.

Finding these items launches the quest Pecunia non olet.

Missioni associate[]

  • La guerra del vino: Coronata
  • Pecunia non olet

Dal diario[]

Enough of this hesitation, this fretting, these feelings of guilt! Liam Coronata pays you practically nothing, and you’ve got a family to feed! So do as I say. Load up a cart with barrels of that new spiced wine and in the night, quiet as a mouse, haul it away from the estate. Head northwest, and when you cross the stream, you’ll find men waiting for you. Give them the barrels. They must be desperate to get this wine, because merely as down payment they’ve handed me a pleasantly heavy pouch… Just be careful, because a pair of those vile rock trolls hunt in the Blessure Valley. How’d trolls end up there, you ask? They were imported! For the tourney, for knights to battle for the crowd’s amusement. Thing is, they fled the transport and began slaughtering their way across the land.
P.S. Hide the share of the down payment I’ve sent, because if someone finds you with that kind of coin, they’ll start asking questions and our business will end quicker than it began.
P.P.S. My advice – bury it in a pile of dung, no one will look there.