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  • Message from an Old Friend

Dal diario[]

In the ocean of possibility, some events are more likely, and some less. It is not easy to fish out the first, not even when one's intellect stretches through all time and space.
I left his letter for you in the hope that, despite all odds, you will come across it one day, for I must warn you. Mankind is threatened. The prophesied destruction by the White Frost is not just the babbling of some mad she-elf. Perhaps I will have the opportunity to convince you of this in person. If not, I must rely on this letter, which you will read many years from now, at a time when you know more that you did when we first met.
Know that nothing will save the world except preparing its entire population for this catastrophe. The old tales say a Child of the Elder Blood can stave off the danger, but I tried and failed. Ever since I have been haunted by a hideous vision, a crowned wraith. The specter of my failure.
I was the chosen one, and the chosen one failed. You and your brotherhood are our only hope. When the time of the wolf's blizzard comes, men shall perish and only the ubermen will survive. Your duty is to give the world ubermen.
Whatever you think of me, do not fail as I have failed.