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Kaer Morhen

Preparation for Quests in Later Acts

Food Chicken.png Food items Lots of food items can be found around Kaer Morhen, grab it all to bribe old women in the Outskirts later for information.
Meteorites Red ore.png Red meteorite If Geralt helps kill the frightener in Defending Kaer Morhen, keep the piece of red meteorite given to him by Vesemir for a meteorite sword (he'll need 3 pieces) or to give to the alchemist at the workshop in Act III.
Food Candy.png Food Sugardoll.png Candy Keep a piece of candy or a sugardoll if you find any, as they come in handy for dealing with Alvin in Act III and also with a woman in Murky Waters in Act IV.
Precious stones sapphire.png Sapphire If Geralt sides with Triss and fights Savolla in Defending Kaer Morhen, search Savolla's remains for a sapphire and keep it for Blue Eyes in Act III. It's never too early to start keeping (and later storing) items for use in future quests.
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