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In questa pagina sono elencate tutte le missioni (principali, secondarie, contratti e cacce al tesoro) presenti nell'espansione Hearts of Stone. Per vedere il walkthrough di una determinata missione, clicca sul suo nome.

Tw3 icon HoS quest.png Missioni principali[]

Quest Suggested Level Location Enemies
Evil's Soft First Touches 32 Seven Cats Inn, Garin Estate, Oxenfurt sewers The Toad Prince, Ofieri Warriors, Aamad
Dead Man's Party 33 Brunwich, von Everec Estate, Upper Mill Wraiths of members of Von Everec's family, Wild boar
Open Sesame! 34 Borsodi Brothers' Auction House Redanian guards,


Open Sesame: Witcher Seasonings 34 Oxenfurt
Open Sesame: Breaking and Entering 34 Oxenfurt
Open Sesame: The Safecracker 34 Oxenfurt
Scenes From a Marriage 35

Von Everec Estate, Painted world

Bees, Ethereal, Caretaker, arachnomorphs,
Whatsoever a Man Soweth... 36 The Alchemy,

Temple of Lilvani, Puzzle world

Wraiths in form of gargoyles and foglets,

Witcher contract Missioni secondarie e contratti[]

Quest Suggested Level Location Enemies
A Midnight Clear 33 Brunwich, Miller's Lake
Avid Collector 34 Oxenfurt, Novigrad
Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price 32 Upper Mill, Bloodrot Pit
Enchanting: Start-up Costs 32 Upper Mill
Races: Swift as the Western Winds 32 Upper Mill, Brunwich
Rose on a Red Field 33 Garin Estate, Bowdon, Oxenfurt Fallen Knights
The Taxman Cometh 32 Oxenfurt None
Without a Trace 32

Tw3 icon treasurehunt hos.png Cacce al tesoro[]

Quest Suggested Level Location Enemies
A Dark Legacy None Oxenfurt
Arnskrone Castle Ruins
A Surprise Inheritance 38 Ravaged campsite north of Heddel

Ruins across the river from the campsite

From Ofier's Distant Shores 33 Upper Mill, Kilkerinn Ruins, Hunter's Cottage Fallen Knights
The Cursed Chapel 36 Old Chapel near Brunwich
The Drakenborg Redemption 38 Bloodrot Pit Arachnomorphs
The Royal Air Force 36 Vikk Watchtower
The Secret Life of Count Romilly 38
The Sword, Famine and Perfidy 36
Tinker, Hunter, Soldier, Spy 33