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Morkvarg was a notorious and cruel pirate. He and his crew sailed the seas around Skellige, raping and pillaging as they went and none seemed able to stop them. Morkvarg was said to fear nothing, except the wrath of the gods. In order to dispel that rumor as well, he and his crew sailed to Hindarsfjall to ransack Giardino di Freya.

There, they rounded up the priestesses and bound them. Only the Arch priestess Ulve stood in his way. He cut her down along with the other priestesses but with her dying breath, she cursed him. Her curse transformed him into a lupo mannaro and bound him to the garden for all time. Worse, her curse made him forever hungry but no food or prey he ate could ever satisfy his hunger as it immediately turned to ash. If killed, he invariably is resurrected and returns to the garden where the cycle begins anew.

Missinone associate[]

  • Nei panni del lupo