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Just like in the previous two games, you are a Witcher and the customary job of a Witcher is to track and slay monsters in return for pay. While your search for Ciri takes precedence over everything else, you may find time to undertake some paid side missions, known as contracts, that benefit the local populace and fatten your purse as well.

Contracts are optional quests Geralt can choose to complete and can be found by reading the appropriate notice board posting, or stumbling upon the contract giver or the monster that is to be slain. There are 26 witcher contracts in total in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The monsters encountered during the contracts will be tougher versions of those Geralt may meet along his travels elsewhere. They will be susceptible to the same oils, potions, bombs and signs as their lesser forms but be sure to check the level associated with the contract quest to ensure you are ready to meet the challenge. A quick study of a creature's weaknesses in the bestiary will be helpful in preparing to take down your foe.

For more information on the various quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, see below:

COA White Orchard Tw3 White Orchard Modifica

Contract Suggested level Locations Characters Enemies
Devil by the Well 2 White Orchard, Abandoned Village Odolan, Tomira Noonwraith

COA Velen Tw3 Velen Modifica

Contract Suggested level Locations
The Griffin from the Highlands 24 Crow's Perch
Jenny O' the Woods 10 Midcopse
The Merry Widow 10 Lindenvale, Lindenvale Cemetery, Mourntart's Hut
Missing Brother 33 Inn at the Crossroads, Old Mine
Mysterious Tracks 20 Lindenvale, Fiend's Cave
The Beast of Honorton 25 Crow's Perch, Oreton, Honorton
The Mystery of the Byways Murders 22 Oreton, Lake Wyndamer, Byways
Patrol Gone Missing 7 Nilfgaardian Central Army Camp, Abandoned Nilfgaardian Camp, Ghoul's Nest Cave
Phantom of the Trade Route 23 Benkelham, Royal Wyvern's Cave and Eyrie
Shrieker 8 Crow's Perch, Burned Ruins (Cockatrice Cave)
Swamp Thing 12 Crookback Bog Peat Post, Crookback Bog Peat Lodge, Cave of Ignius Fatuus
Woodland Beast 6 Border Post, Inn at the Crossroads, Scoia'tael Camp

COA Novigrad Tw3 Novigrad Modifica

Contract Suggested level Locations
The Apiarian Phantom 14 Beanston, Honeyfill Meadworks
The Creature from Oxenfurt Forest 35 Mercenary Camp, Herbalist's Hut, Archgriffin's Eyrie
Deadly Delights 15 Canal Bridge, Crippled Kate's, Lilith's Townhouse
Doors Slamming Shut 24 Kingfisher Inn, Moldavie Residence
An Elusive Thief 13 Tretogor Gate, Doppler's Moat House
Lord of the Wood 25 Cunny of the Goose, Loggers' Hut
The Oxenfurt Drunk 26 Oxenfurt, Oxenfurt Port, Oxenfurt Morgue, The Alchemy Tavern, River Hut
The White Lady 16 Glory Gate, Portside Gate, Castle Drahim

COA Skellige Tw3 Skellige Modifica

Contract Suggested level Locations
Dragon 28 Fyresdal
Missing Miners 27 Blandare
Skellige's Most Wanted 29 Fyresdal
In the Heart of the Woods 22 Fayrlund
Here Comes the Groom 19 Svorlag, Cave Melusine
Missing Son 29 Rannvaig, Kaer Nyssen
Muire D'Yaeblen 18 Kaer Trolde Harbor, Kjerag Cliffs
The Phantom of Eldberg 17 Arinbjorn, Mikkjal's Longhouse, Eldberg Lighthouse
Strange Beast 16 Larvik, Hagubman's nest
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