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A short introduction of who I am:

I'm an aspiring writer, no-life Skyrim and The Witcher gamer, fanatic reader and fantasy geek. I could stop there, of course, for that's pretty much all there is to tell about me. But, I'll elaborate on the subject 'me' a little bit further.

I'm an aspiring writer. I love writing, and I write stories quite often. I sometimes upload my work, but I'm not going to post it on here (this is after all not a place where I'm going to try to merchandise myself). Either way, if you're interested, I'm not going to stop you from asking questions. And who knows, I might pass you a link.

A no-life Skyrim and The Witcher gamer says enough, but nevertheless, I'll add that it's not only Skyrim. It's also Oblivion. And quite a few other games such as Assassin's Creed. But, Skyrim is my all-time favourite. I often break the game because I mod it so often, and lagging and crashing is something I'm used to by now. Unfortunately the Witcher has fewer mods.

I started out reading very young, and the books that sparked my interest have always been far above my classmate's levels. For one I finished Lord of the Rings in two days when I was twelve. I don't think I need say much more.

My favourite genre in everything has always been fantasy. Modern fantasy, medieval fantasy, futuristic fantasy. I don't care. I prefer dreams above reality, and it shows in every other aspect that I've mentioned above: the things I write are fantasy, my favourite games are fantasy and I read fantasy. Fantasy everywhere.

So all this combined can easily explain why I'm entertaining myself with this particular wiki. I love writing, and that's what you have to do around here. I love gaming, and this wiki's about my favourite game. I love reading, and yeah, you do read through articles when you're contributing too. And fantasy? Well, that's everywhere.

So, that's pretty much everything there is to say about me. If you have questions, don't be too shy to ask them.

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