7th Brigade from Daerlan was the largest division of the 4th Cavalry Army, Nilfgaardian mounted troops overseen by Major General Markus Braibant. The brigade itself was commanded by Elan Trahe and consisted of:

7th Daerlan, together with Nauzicaa Brigade, were the last troops sent into battle in the battle of Brenna. Led by the Field Marshal Menno Coehoorn himself, these forces were supposed to rip through the Northerner armies, end up behind enemy lines and then attack them from the rear. This effort proved ultimately futile as the inexperienced Poor Fucking Infantry, under the voivode Bronibor, was surprisingly able to thwart the Nilfgaardian cavalry advance and stand their ground despite the heavy casualties suffered. From this point on, Nilfgaard's defeat was inevitable and swift.

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