A Bard's Beloved is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

In a cave at the end of a road east-northeast of the Palisade signpost, you'll find a troubled troubadour asking for help but then speaks of his beloved further in the cave and asks you to be quiet as not to wake her.

As this is rather odd, venture further into the cave to find his "beloved": a talking water hag surrounded by skeletons, obviously previous victims. You can either try to play along or not, but regardless you'll have to fight her. Once she's dead, it'll complete the quest, but as you exit the cave you'll see the bard has run off, unsurprising to say the least.

Journal entry Edit

Geralt happened across a terrified bard who trembled when he spoke of his "beloved", yet other than that refused to say an ill word about the woman. Even stranger, everything seemed to indicate his betrothed lived in a cave. Geralt decided to check out what sort of curious couple he was dealing with.
It turned out the bard's "beloved" was a hideous water hag. No wonder the thought of her caress made him shake in fear and revulsion. Geralt dealt with her as he usually deals with monsters.

Objectives Edit

  • Find the troubadour's "beloved".
  • Defeat the water hag.

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