Go see King Radovid.
   Nearest Signpost: Oxenfurt Port

Leave Whoreson’s estate via the entrance you entered, and you’re stopped in the street by some heavily-armored Redanian soldiers. It seems Radovid requires your presence at once. There’s no point in stalling; you’re taken across town to

the HMS Oxenfurt-Tretogor, an impressive galleon. You leave your weapons and must stroll across the deck, following the guard.

Radovid is waiting. Speak to the sunken-eyed weasel of a ruler. He isn’t one to mince words; he wants the sorceress Philippa Elhart found. He ordered her eyes gouged out, but this apparently hasn’t dissuaded her troublemaking and recent escape. He wants her alive, and brought to him. He no longer trusts the Lodge of Sorceresses. You can answer however you wish, but the results are the same; travel into the mountains and find her.

At this point, Secondary Quest: Redania’s Most Wanted begins. Simply complete this quest, and A Favor for Radovid concludes at the same time (see page 110). All that remains is to head to the Kingfisher Inn (off Hierarch Square), locate Priscilla in her bedroom, and tell her what you learned about Dandelion and Dudu. This quest now concludes.

Locations: Oxenfurt Port, HMS Oxenfurt-Tretogor

Characters: Redanian Soldiers, King Radovid V

Enemies: None

Questing Decisions

This quest starts automatically after Main Quest: Get Junior concludes.

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