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A Final Kindness is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, taking place after Bald Mountain.


If Geralt allowed Keira to leave to bargain with Radovid during For the Advancement of Learning, or does not attempt to finish all of Keira's quests, then when Geralt meets with Triss after killing Imlerith, Triss tells him about the lack of availability of the Lodge members.

When Geralt suggests Keira, Triss tells him that Keira attempted to parley with Radovid, but he chose to execute her, by having her impaled. Geralt can suggest that Triss and he can retrieve Keira's body before finding Philippa. They go to Hierarch Square, where Geralt either peacefully (using Axii) or violently confronts the guards and retrieves her body. Triss takes the body for a proper burial.

Journal Entry[]

Life, like art, abounds in tragedy, and sadly the ending of Keira Metz's story added to its cornucopia of woe. With the notes on the plague she took from Mouse Tower in hand, she presented herself to King Radovid. She was counting on obtaining a royal amnesty in return for the possibility the plague could be turned into a weapon to wield against Radovid's enemies. But she forgot one important detail — never deal with a devil, and especially not a devil backed by armies and with a fierce hatred of sorceresses.
Radovid laughed in her face, arrested Keira and had her impaled on a pike. She died in hideous agony, screaming curses against Radovid and his kingdom that echoed through the streets of Novigrad.
When Geralt returned to town, Triss asked him to help retrieve her body and give it a proper burial.
Geralt did as Triss asked, and after a bit of trouble with some guardsmen he was granted permission to retrieve Keira's body. It was a sad evening for everyone who had known the once-bright and vivacious sorceress, but Triss and Geralt were glad they had at least been able to give their respects in this small way.


  • Meet Triss at the Eternal Fire shrine near the harbor around midnight.
  • Get rid of the guards.
  • Retrieve Keira's body.


  • After taking Keira's body down from a stake, Triss will sit for a moment with her dead friend's body in a similar position to Michangelo's famous sculpture, Pietà, in which the Virgin Mary holds Jesus' body after it was taken down from the cross.