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A Mysterious Passenger is a main quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

In order to pick this up, one must have completed The Calm Before the Storm before telling Phillip Strenger about his wife during Family Matters.


After finishing The Calm Before the Storm, Geralt and Yennefer decide to look into what happened to the ugly creature that Skjall saw but the only information one has is that Jarl Donar had him.

Make your way to Larvik, which is just on the other side of the small island from Freya's Garden, and talk to Donar to find out what happened. Unfortunately, Donar doesn't have much else to tell you other than the fact that he sold the creature to a merchant, who wanted to sell him off as a court jester, and thus headed off to Novigrad. The quest will then conclude here.

Journal Entry[]

Finally, after so many faint and elusive trails, Geralt had happened upon something directly tied to Ciri's disappearance. The Hunt had chased her and her companion to the shores of Skellige. There they had boarded a boat and sailed off into the unknown. A short while later, the boat returned, but with only one passenger: a twisted creature that, if a man, was very likely the ugliest in the world. The gnarled lump had found its way into Jarl Donar of Hindarsfjall's care, and so that is where Geralt went to next.
Sadly, Donar had sold the misshapen thing to a passing merchant. The strange being had then been shipped off to Novigrad, and there the trail ended.


  • Talk to Donar about the ugly creature Skjall saw.


  • At one point, this was known as "The Mysterious Passenger" and was a side quest if one talked to Phillip Strenger first to show how Uma got from Skellige to Novigrad. However, this was later renamed and changed so it only popped up if one didn't see Uma prior to finishing The Calm Before the Storm. This was likely an undocumented change around Patch 1.10.