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A Plea Ignored is a treasure hunt quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Journal entry Edit

During his travels, Geralt came across a certain letter. As he was picking it up, he could not help but notice it mentioned something about valuables. He decided he would have to be sure to give it a careful read.
Come back to me, I'm begging you. Each day's more dangerous than the last. There's strange men lurking outside the house. Watching me. Carrying weapons. I'm afraid they know something about our stash of valuables and are waiting for a chance to rob us - or worse.
I remember what you wrote earlier. That you can't abandon your post now, that they owe you back pay, that if you don't wait, the coin's gone for good. But what would you rather be - a rich widower, or a poor husband?
Your Halley
We shall never know if Janne preferred being a rich widower to being a poor husband, or if Halley's letter simply never reached him. Either way, the poor woman died, though the stash of which she wrote remained. Geralt made sure it found a good home.

Objectives Edit

Bugs Edit

  • Despite being in Velen, in the quest log this quest is labeled as being in Novigrad.