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[[Category:The Witcher quests]]
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[[Category:The Witcher Prologue]]
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A potion for Triss Template:Quest


Triss has been wounded in the attack on Kaer Morhen and she cannot heal herself as she is allergic to magic. Geralt must prepare a special potion just for her, but he'll need some help.


A Potion for Triss

Vesemir told me to prepare a potion for Triss, who is wounded. Lambert is watching over the sorceress in the main hall. He'll give me further instructions. I need to see Lambert in the main hall of Kaer Morhen and find out how to brew the potion.


Lambert will help me brew the potion. First, I need to bring him a mineral from the evening hall on the upper floor and some alcohol from the armory. I must also kill any bandits I encounter on my way. I need to get a mineral and some alcohol to Lambert, killing any bandits I encounter along the way.

The Mineral

I found the mineral Lambert mentioned. I found the mineral.


I found the alcohol Lambert mentioned. I found the alcohol.


I gathered all the ingredients and killed all the bandits. I should talk to Lambert. I've done all that Lambert asked. I should talk to him.


I disposed of all the bandits who were still inside Kaer Morhen. That probably puts an end to the attack. I killed all the bandits.

The Formula

Lambert taught me how to prepare the potion for Triss and advised me to speak to Vesemir. I need to speak with Vesemir.


I learned how to skin monsters. Vesemir told me to find the frightener's carcass in the courtyard. I need to carve a claw from the beast's corpse. I need to go to the courtyard and remove a claw from the frightener's carcass.


I have all the potion ingredients. I need to find Vesemir, then start meditating to prepare the potion. The witchers said they'd give me more ingredients if I fail. I should find Vesemir, meditate and prepare the potion.

To Triss

Success! The potion is ready, I need to take it to Triss' room in the tower. I can get there through one of the rooms on the upper floor. I should take the potion to Triss' room on the upper floor.


The potion I prepared helped Triss - fortunately... The sorceress is recovering quickly... It's lucky she survived. I sense we were more than acquaintances some time ago... Triss has recovered. I wish I could remember why that's important to me.

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