A Tome Entombed is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It takes place in the sewers of Novigrad, which can be accessed either through a tunnel in the middle of The Bits, or by passing through the inside of the city walls with a door near Tretogor Gate.

Walkthrough Edit

As a note to this quest... you needn't start it at all if you run straight to the stairs. You can loot the items and leave. Just stay away from the professor.

Behind a weak wall in the sewers, you will find Professor Vairmont, a historian who is trying to open a sarcophagus in search of an elven tome. If Geralt agrees to help him, they will open the sarcophagus and discover a higher vampire resting there. The vampire is irate at being so rudely awoken and will promptly close his tomb again without giving the professor a chance to look for the tome.

The professor will ask Geralt to open the tomb again so he can get a chance to talk to the vampire. If Geralt refuses, he can leave the quest and it will not progress nor fail, but the professor will keep asking to reopen the tomb. If he does, the vampire becomes enraged and turns into a Katakan, and Geralt will have no choice but to kill him.

Killing the Katakan possibly lets you loot a Katakan mutagen (may drop a lesser red mutagen), vampire fangs and vampire saliva. The professor expresses regret that he didn't get to talk to the vampire but thanks Geralt anyway.

Journal entry Edit

While in the passageways underneath Novigrad (I've been there as well, and don't recommend them as tourist destinations – if the stench doesn't get you, the monsters will) Geralt met a scholar who was excavating in search of traces of long-lost cultures. The professor asked Geralt for help removing the lid from a certain ancient sarcophagus.
If Geralt wakes the vampire a second time:
Geralt decided to promote the advancement of knowledge and help the scholar open the sarcophagus. Instead of the expected withered skeleton, inside lay a fully fleshy vampire. He was not hostile at first and mere asked for a bit of peace and quiet while he finished his rest. The scholar, however, had no intention of respecting this wish. Geralt could not stop him and... the vampire lost his temper and attacked Geralt and the bothersome professor. Whether he wanted to or not, Geralt now had to end its life.

Objectives Edit

  • Return to Professor Vairmont if you want to help him with the sarcophagus.
  • Kill the vampire.

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