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Aamad was the royal mage for Ofier's malliq.


Around 1272, Aamad led a crew of some of the best warriors from Ofier and journeyed to Oxenfurt with the goal of lifting the curse from the Ofieri Prince, who had been transformed into a giant toad. Once in the Northern Kingdoms, he hired Verner, an Aedirnian mercenary, as an interpreter.

When they finally arrived in Oxenfurt they hired another man, Phelippe Calagrande, who was to act as their guide through the sewers. However, just as they arrived at the monster's lair, the witcher Geralt had just slain the monster, not realizing it'd been a cursed prince. With the prince dead, Aamad arrested Geralt and Phelippe so he could at least bring those he believed responsible to his king and be appropriately sentenced.

Later on their ship, a storm struck out of nowhere, causing them to shipwreck north of Novigrad. As Aamad and the rest walked along the shore to find alternative transportation, Geralt awoke and escaped his bindings.[2] Aamad and his warriors attempted to subdue the witcher but ultimately they were all killed.[1]

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  • In game, one can choose to run off instead of attacking and killing the group, in which case Aamad and his group set up a camp in the place where they shipwrecked. However, in The Witcher: Of Flesh and Flame, it was confirmed that Geralt did kill them off.