Abandoned Tower is located west of the village of Heatherton within Velen. During Ciri's stay with the Bloody Baron, they raced each other to this tower, where they awoke a powerful Basilisk who was resting atop it. The tower is mostly inaccessible, but it is possible to climb up on a paraphet when attempting it from the northwestern corner. There are two chests at the top of the tower.

Map Description

Legend has it a beleaguered traveler once stood at this tower's gates. He begged shelter for the night, claiming he'd been injured, but the baron living inside was afraid the traveler was a spy and sent him away. Little did he know the traveler was a powerful mage, who cast a curse on the tower, its inhospitable owner and all who dwelled with him. Soon thereafter the baron and all his retinue died in mysterious circumstances, and the tower fell into ruin.

Associated Quests

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