Abandoned Village is a burned down village once known as Hovel and located in southern White Orchard.


Hovel had been founded by Claer and Volker, who had had enough of living under White Orchard's former lord's reign and, with approval from Vizima's court, they were allowed to create a new village that wasn't under Ignatius' rule. Things appeared to go well for the most part until one day Ignatius requested to meet with them in the village. The villagers thought he was a changed man after certain events, but this proved to be untrue and he ended up slaughtering everyone in Hovel.

Claer, who'd been hung in the village's well, became a noonwraith, preventing anyone from trying to re-settle the area or even draw water from the well she guarded over.

Map Description

A few years ago, a group of armed men marched into this settlement. They butchered its inhabitants and burned down their homes. Not a soul has dwelt here since that black and bloody day.

Associated Quest

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