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Abaya is a powerful water hag leading a pack of drowners in the bay beneath Kaer Trolde. They often attack fishermen and warriors who are crossing these treacherous waters.

Bestiary Entry[]

Seen a lot o' ugly critters in me life - morays, lampreys, blobfish... But never nothin' like this!
Bjorg, Kaer Trolde shipbuilder
The bay below Kaer Trolde had a pernicious reputation. At times fishermen who chose to cast their nets in its waters would never come home again. Something would drag oarsmen off their longships or knock the ships themselves over. The locals blamed this on sea devils - the Skelligers' name for drowners. The truth, however, proved far worse.
A water hag had made her lair in the caves beneath the cliffs of Kjerag. An old and experienced water hag. With powerful claws able to demolish any attempt to block or parry. And the ability to blind opponents from a distance, then strike with a lightning-quick counterattack. Signs would be needed to best her - Yrden, to slow her, and Quen, to protect from her blows. Needed most of all, however, would be a great deal of luck.
The witcher, though, never was one to count on luck alone. Instead, he pulled a few tricks from up his sleeve to even the odds. By masking his scent, he managed to catch the monster by surprise... and slay it.

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