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Abdank[2] was a mentally deficient son of legendary Dezmod and his successor as the king of Temeria who ruled in the first half of the 9th century.

His court mage, first adviser and the de facto ruler was Raffard the White.


His reign was not an easy period - the so-called Six Years' War broke out in which Abdank together with his vassals fought against Cintra for control over lands in middle Yaruga. Its course gradually became devastating for both sides until Raffard the White managed to reconcile the kings and convince them to negotiate a peace treaty.[3] The war resulted in the increasing importance of Abdank's court sorcerer Raffard who was even offered the crown. In a noble gesture, Raffard refused it but nevertheless accepted the position of the first adviser in which he effectively exerted actual power.[4]

In order to keep Abdank busy, Raffard fed his interest in alchemy. All sorts of alchemists from different lands were promised fame and fortune, invited to Vizima, ordered to turn lead into gold, and then executed after they failed. Ultimately the word got around and alchemists began to avoid Temeria.[1]

After Raffard was killed in a brutal war that followed the Chapter's establishment, Abdank ruled clumsily on his own for a few years until he died without a male heir. This resulted in a long intermittent war of succession between the Mariborian and Ellandrian branches of the Temerian Dynasty. This series of conflicts went down in history as the War of Daggers.[3]


  • Abdanken means to resign in German.


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