Abner de Navarette was an aristocratic auctioneer at the Borsodi Brothers' Auction House.


Early life

Abner was born into the Navarette family from somewhere around Novigrad, making him an aristocrat and a wealthy nobleman. However, due to his drunkenness, profligacy, and debauchery, he was eventually disowned by his family and would have ended up a beggar if it wasn't for the Borsody family, who needed an auctioneer for their growing business but with the typical qualities of a nobleman to deal with the wealthy clients. So, by 1245, he helped maintain a poise manner running the auctions, even during arguments.[1]

The following is considered game canon only and may contradict Andrzej Sapkowski's works.

By 1272, he was still an employee of the auction house, at the time under Horst Borsodi, Maximilian's younger son.[2]

End of game canon content.


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