Disambig-icon.png This article is about the king of Yamurlak. For the ancestor of Radovid I, see Abrad the Old Oak.

Abrad was the king of Yamurlak. He was known for his advanced age, horrible skin condition, anger and cruelty. He was mentioned by Geralt in a conversation with Stregobor. The two discussed various noblewomen and princesses, who were said to have been afflicted with the Curse of the Black Sun. Stregobor referred to several cases where such women allegedly became very bloodthirsty behaving persons similar beasts who tortured and killed their subordinates. However Geralt saw in such trends and behavior no clear evidence that these women had mutated into some kind of vile monsters. As an example, Geralt cited King Abrad:

"In Yamurlak, for instance, old man Abrad reigns. He's got scrofula, not a single tooth in his head, was probably born some hundred years before this eclipse, and can't fall asleep unless someone's being tortured to death in his presence. He's wiped out all his relatives and emptied half of the country in crazy – how did you put it? – attacks of anger. There are also traces of a rampant temperament. Apparently he was nicknamed Abrad Jack-up-the-Skirt in his youth."
pg. 86, The Last Wish (UK edition)
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