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Adela Marta, also known by the short form Ademarta, was the Duchess of Toussaint and Lady of Beauclair, being the first to bear the latter title.


Around the middle of the 12th century, Ademarta managed to consolidate all the power in the country. She ordered the restoration of the Beauclair Palace by Peter Faramond and moved her capital there.[3]

For a long time, the Duchess found it hard to choose a worthy husband. In the meantime, her numerous suitors often dueled one another to show off or pass time. Seeing an opportunity in this, she organized a tourney for her them to compete in. There she could comfortably determine who had the qualities she valued most in men - Strength, Valor and Cunning. In the end, she didn't choose anyone and instead wed Emperor Torres' youngest son, whom she had met on a journey south.

Once, when overpopulation of frogs plagued Sansretour Marsh, Ademarta promised a reward to anyone able to solve it. Many knights-errant and druids tried but failed until Flovive, a poor raftsman, figured it out. He serenaded the frogs with his violin and they followed him out of the duchy. Now, a Toussaintois raftsman settlement is named in his honor.[2]


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