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Trekked halfway across the world to get here from Kaer Morhen, and for what? Ehh, gonna have to look around for some work...
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Adon of Carreras was a witcher of the School of the Wolf who perished inside the Termes Palace Ruins in Toussaint when he protected an archaeology team.


Adon was sent by Vesemir to Beauclair to make Master Tyen'sail forge Grandmaster Wolven gear but unfortunately the budget Vesemir had given him was far from sufficient, so Adon was forced to look for some work. On the March 27th, Tyen'sail introduced him to the leader of an archaeological expedition and they worked out an agreement that Adon would protect them for payment while they explored the Termes Palace Ruins.[1]

The expedition arrived at the Termes on April 12th, and set up camp away form the ruins on demand from Adon because his medallion vibrated in a few spots near the ruins.[2] The team had mentioned a curse so he suspected wraiths or barghests to prowl the area. He regretted his price and wished he had demanded more.

On April 20th Adon entered the ruins using the Purple Ruby (an ancient jewel that lifted the magic barrier protecting the entrance to the Termes). Once inside he explored a bit, but decided to turn back to speak with Isabelle Duchamp, the expedition's leader, about the need to return to Beauclair to gather additional guards, but ultimately another team member, George Herbert, convinced her they didn't need it.[3]

Blinded by the promise of riches and glory the scholars entered the ruins anyways and the witcher accompanied them. Turns out Adon had been right all along, and the expedition was attacked by monsters.The scholars ran for the exit but the monsters were close behind; that is when Adon made a decision that would prove to be his demise, he brought down the ceiling to buy his companions some time, but it ended up crushing him in the process.

In the end the archeologists died before they could reach the exit, their remains sealed in the old elven king's palace.

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  • Inside Adon's satchel can be found some witcher Grandmaster diagrams and some Rebis.


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