Adona of Carreras' journal[1] is a document in the Blood and Wine expansion.

Journal entry

Suppose I shouldn't be surprised Master Tyen'sail asks such a steep price to forge grandmaster armor. No other craftsman in the world's his equal. I tried to tell wise old Vesemir what he gave me would barely be enough for one silver sword. Trekked halfway across the world to get here from Kaer Morhen, and for what? Ehh, gonna have to look around for some work...
[later addendum] Today Tyen'sail introduced me to the leader of an arch—[illegible fragment] But in the end, we reached a deal.
Checked the area out and it seems calm enough, though my medallion did buzz in a few spots near the ruins. That's why I told them to pitch camp a bit further away from the main entrance. Who the blazes knows what might be living inside. They've also mentioned something about a curse, so guess I should expect wraiths, barghests, maybe. Dammit, should have asked for more...
Tomorrow we start exploring.

Associated quest


  • The in-game title of this journal is incorrect. The name of the person is Adon of Carreras, not Adona.[1]


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