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The Aen Elle (Elder Speech: People of the Alders or Alder Folk), are elves who inhabit another world and are culturally distinct from Aen Seidhe elves. Their ancestral homeworld was at the brink of destruction so both left for new worlds long before the Conjunction of the Spheres. While the former arrived in a new world, the latter arrived on the Continent.

Upon arriving in what would come to be known as the world of the Aen Elle, the Aen Elle encountered two sentient species already living there: the unicorns, and humans. They are constantly at war with the unicorns, and commited genocide against the humans to the point of creating mountains of bones. [1] The humans in this world were wiped out, which caused the need for the Wild Hunt to be formed to acquire (mostly human) slaves from other worlds since the unicorns made unsuitable slaves for obvious reasons. The King of the Alders, Auberon Muircetach, governed his people from the capital city of Tir ná Lia.

Their language, the Ellylon, is a variant of Elder Speech.

A book about Aen Elle use of magic was written by Geoffrey Monck.

Notable Aen Elle[]

The World of the Witcher[]

There is a quote from Gerhart of Aelle where he is describing this elven group:

The oldest Aen Seidhe legends speak of another tribe of elves- the Aen Elle, which in Elder Speech means the People of the Alders. Their paths are said to have diverged ages ago, when the Conjunction of the Spheres gave birth to dozens, or perhaps even hundreds, of other worlds. The lord of the Aen Elle was supposedly Auberon Muircetach, known as the king of the Alders, who ruled from the city Tir na Lia. Several fantastical tales of this king exist, but it is not for me to judge here whether there is a kernel of truth in these legends.
- Hen Gedymdeith, "The Legends of the Elder Races"