Aeramas (died 1272[1]) was a tyromancer who lived at a residence southeast of Oxenfurt.


Aeramas specialised in tyromancy, the "art of cheese divination", to which he dedicated over forty years[2] of his life. Aeramas' now-ruined estate served as the mage's base of operations, from which he would teleport to a system of elven ruins and caverns he used for experimentation. He induced visions in himself through smelling the aromas of different types of cheese, the potency of which may have affected the intensity of the visions.[3] Aeramas also seems to have experimented on humans, as evidenced by corpses attached by tubes to various contraptions found in his laboratory.

In 1272, during the witch hunts in Redania, witch hunters stalked Aeramas' manor for some number of days. Aeramas divined their arrival through a limburger, but did not flee as he did not want to abandon his life's work, even if it meant putting his life on the line.[2] Eventually, the hunters attacked his residence and captured Aeramas, before burning him at the stake.[1] His possessions were confiscated and most ended up for sale at the shop in Gildorf district.

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