Aeschna or Glustyworp[1] is a "a bumpy and rough-skinned monster four yards in length resembling a stump overgrown with algae and with ten paws and jaws like cut-saws". The "liquid manure" which forms much of the Pontar Delta suits it, especially with all the ships with livestock and people onboard.


Believed to not exist by scholars, as the Pontar Delta's pollution got worse, it became a feeding ground for aeschnae, and with the constant food source via people and livestock on the boats along the river, they could grow incredibly big to the point pulling a cow off one of the ships was no issue.

In the 1260s, Geralt hunted down some that were attacking one company's passengers while one Linus Pitt, an Oxenfurt professor, was adamant no such being like an aeschna existed. However, as the boat ride went on, they were eventually attacked by one and, despite the danger, Linus excitedly proclaimed the family class and order it was in. Once it was gone, Linus thanked the witcher for the new discovery and originally offered to name it "Geraltia maxiliosa pitti" but Geralt request it be called "Everetia maxiliosa pitti" instead, with Everett being the obnoxious young boy that'd been annoying everyone on the ship.[2]


  • Aeschna is the name of a genus of dragonflies, the "Aeschnidae", in the real world.



  1. 1.0 1.1 In Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, the Polish version of glustyworp is "żagnica" which was translated in the books to aeschna. This either indicates they both are one and the same or closely related.
  2. Blood of Elves

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