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An aguara, also known as vixen, vulpess, and fox demon, is an antherion: a non-humanoid creature that can take on the form of a member of a humanoid race. In an aguara's case, she has the base form of a fox.


Aguaras are able to wield magic to a powerful extent. They can create powerful illusions, such as hiding an entire river's channel, and bewitch other creatures to do their bidding.

Even though they are not humanoid, they have adapted to speak the Common tongue and can communicate with people in this manner.[1]


Aguaras do not reproduce sexually, but instead kidnap young elven girls and transform them into fellow aguaras by using magic. They become very attached to their "children" and if an unfortunate soul happens to kidnap one, the aguara will give chase until she gets her "daughter" back, killing those who stand in her way. They are a female-only race.[1]



  • "aguara" means "fox" in Guaraní language. In the folklore of Guaraní people the aguara-tunpa (literally "Fox-God") is a trickster entity than use its power to cause sufferings and pain to human beings, altough it can be occasionally act benevolently. It is the counterpart of the French reynardine and the Japanese kitsune.


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