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Aki of Clan Brokvar was the son of Jarl Udalryk of Spikeroog and one of his concubines. Aki was named after his uncle, who died during a boat trip with Udalryk some time prior to 1272.


If Geralt trusts Cerys an Craite to try her way first: As part of her plan, Cerys made a point to show she was "kidnapping" Aki and had Udalryk and some of his guards chase her to Udalryk's old family home. Once there, she quickly handed the baby over to a bewildered Geralt and told him to put Aki in the hot oven.

If Geralt put Aki in the oven: Aki was thrown into the oven but, unbeknownst to the witcher, he was safely retrieved from the other side by Hjort, who Cerys was able to convince to help with her plan. After the fighting was over in the other room, Hjort emerged to show Aki was safe and sound.
If Geralt returned Aki to Udalryk: Udalryk handed the baby to one of his guards, and proceeded to punch Geralt in the face. The jarl and his guards then exited the building.


  • Aki is one of the only babies to actually appear in the game, despite there being dozens of children.

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